Defond DMP-1011 Switch Showcase

Defond DMP-1011 Switch Showcase

Gaining in popularity are the Defond DMP-1011 switches. Available in three different flavors transparent, white, and transparent black.

The transparent switch also known as “Defond Nano” or “DMP-1011 Nano” is the lightest feeling of the trio rated at 55gf.

Defond DMP 1011  Light

In the middle of the pack is the solid white colored switch rated at 65gf.

Defond DMP-1011 Medium

Coming in next is the heaviest of the group, the transparent black switch with an operating force of 75gf.

Defond DMP 1011 Heavy

Each of these switches is factory rated at a lifespan of 50 million clicks.

All of the Defond DMP-1011 switches have a satisfying crispness to the clicks and are available here at BANANAS!

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