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Bananas!, Mousepad -

We tried several different methods of to clean our mousepad to see which works the best for an excessively dirty mousepad. This one has been used the last year for much gaming and work and it had never been cleaned.

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Bananas!, Cable, Paracord -

The super flexibility and lightweight of our Paracord Mouse Cables give a wireless-like feeling with the reliability of a wired mouse. Take your game to the next level with the awesome looks and useability of BANANAS! Paracord cables!

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Bananas!, Mouse switches -

Which mouse switch should I get for my gaming mouse?

Well, what kind of feeling or response do you prefer? Tactile and clicky? A light touch? Somewhere in between? 

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Bananas!, Mouse Encoder -

If you are not sure of the Scroll Wheel Encoder size needed for your Mouse, it is best to measure the height of the current Encoder. Many Encoders will have a number stamped on the face plate.

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