Dirty Mousepad

Adventures of the Dirty Mousepad


How to clean your mousepad


It may be the best Idea to wipe down your mousepad once a week to keep it from getting excessively dirty. Well for most people we are too busy and forget to do such things, so our mousepads get dirty.

Dirty Mousepad on Desk

We tried several different methods of to clean our mousepad to see which works the best for an excessively dirty mousepad. This one has been used the last year for much gaming and work and it had never been cleaned.

Wiping Mousepad

Our first attempt to clean it we used a damp cloth. The dirty mousepad just laughed back at us, as the damp cloth did not help in getting our mousepad clean. Maybe a very lightly dirty mousepad could be cleaned this way.

Mousepad in the bath tub

Next we put our mousepad in the bathtub, we hosed it down with cool water.

Scrub Brush and Soap

Then we took a few drops of laundry soap and mixed it in a cup of water. We used laundry soap as it is mild and should not affect the mousepad’s glue as other harsher soaps might.

Scrubbing Mousepad

After sprinkling the soap on our mouse pad we grabbed our trusty scrub brush and scrubbed up/down and side/to side. The mousepad was hosed off again and hung up to dry overnight. We were surprised to see that there were still some dirty spots in the morning.

Mousepad in Washing Machine       Mousepad in Washing Machine 2

Into the washing machine the mousepad went! A little laundry soap and the gentle cycle is just what our dirty mousepad needed. After letting it dry overnight again we were happy to have a squeaky clean mouse pad with a spring fresh scent.

Clean Bananas Gaming Mousepad

A few tips from our mousepad adventures:

  • The Washing Machine did an excellent job!
  • Use a mild soap
  • Use cold water
  • Otherwise it is possible to damage it



(This is a subjective experience report. We assume no liability for possibly damaged mouse pads.)

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