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We are based in Germany and offering worldwide shipping.

Processing time - 1-3 workdays depending on current volume. Our products are made to order!

Finalmouse Starlight

Mouse Mod & Repair 

How to Order mouse repair- Make your selections and add to Cart, after Payment you will recieve a Confirmation Email with Shipping instructions to send us your mouse. After it is repaired and tested we will send it back to you. International customers are responsible for any customs fees.

Note - Optical encoders/ switches are not interchangeable or replaceable by mechanical encoders/ switches. Contact us if you need optical switches or Optical Encoder replaced.

Other mouse switches are also available as special order, just ask if you are looking for something else.

If you want a specific encoder please specify in the comment box when ordering and we will do our best to accommodate you. We stock High quality scroll wheel encoders from Kailh, TTC, and Alps.

The Replacement mouse switches, and or scroll wheel encoder, or added paracord mouse cable will be fully tested for functionality before it is returned to you.

Original mouse feet are generally not reusable after being removed.

Using this service you understand and agree that any work being performed on a mouse will void any existing warranty it may have and there is no warranty or returns on work performed.

By sending in the mouse intended for the conversion, you expressly agree that the performance of the agreed service will begin before the cancellation period has expired. As a result, you will lose your right to withdraw your consent.

Banans Gaming Paracord Mouse Cable

Paracord mouse cable

Can you install the Paracord mouse cable for me? Yes we can. We will install at no extra charge when you are also getting mouse switches/ encoder replaced!

All Paracord mouse cables are shipped with a 2.0 JST Connector.

Installation - Please familiarize yourself with the process of disassembling your mouse. Procedure videos for all popular mice can be found on Youtube.

Setting up the heat shrink – Adjust the cable inside the mouse housing, Use the black heat shrink as a stress relief / Cable routing and the transparent heat shrink to prevent the cable being pulled from the mouse housing.

Installing the JST Connector (if applicable) – Install the Red, White, Green, and Thin Black wire (the Thick Black wire is not used) into the JST Connector in the same positions as on your original cable.

Cable Handling – Handle cables gently they are super lightweight and flexible, Grasp the connector to remove, don’t pull on the cord.

All of our Paracord cables are completely tested before shipping!

Mouse Switches / Encoder

All switches and encoders are tested with high end test equipment to ensure functionality, and manufacturer specifications. We sell only first quality products direct from the manufacturer! Every switch is hand selected and carefully binned.