Custom Modded G600

Custom Logitech G600 Mouse Showcase

At BANANAS!, we take pride in transforming excellent gaming hardware into extraordinary, personalized masterpieces. Recently, we had the privilege of customizing a Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse for a discerning customer, turning an already impressive device into a unique piece of gaming art.

The Logitech G600 is a powerhouse right out of the box, renowned for its MMO-centric design and robust features. A truly legendary mouse loved by many MMO fans.

This mouse is designed for precision and extensive customization, with 12 thumb buttons that can be programmed for a variety of in-game functions, making it ideal for MMO players.

Custom Modifications by BANANAS!

While the Logitech G600 is impressive on its own, our custom modifications elevate it to a new level of performance and personalization, tailored specifically to our customer’s preferences.

  • Hot Swap Modification for Main Buttons

 The most notable feature of our custom G600 is the hot swap modification for all three main buttons (left, right, and G-Shift). This enhancement allows for quick and easy switch changes, enabling users to choose mouse switches that best match their playing style. Whether they prefer a heavy tactile switch or a switch with light, smooth actuation, our hot swap system supports a variety of switch options, offering ultimate flexibility and customization.


  • BANANAS! Custom Paracord Cable in Epic Purple

 Standard cables often add unnecessary weight and rigidity, hindering smooth gameplay. Our custom paracord cable, in an eye-catching Epic Purple, is the lightest and most flexible cable available, designed to eliminate drag and resistance. This high-quality cable not only adds a vibrant aesthetic appeal but also ensures seamless, unrestricted movement during intense gaming sessions.


  • Custom 3-Stage Paint Job

 Aesthetics are crucial in personalizing gaming setups, and our custom 3-stage paint job is a testament to this. Using Spies Hecker automotive paints, our local paint and body shop meticulously applied a multi stage paint job to ensure a flawless, durable, and visually striking finish.

 The process includes:

  1. Paint Preparation: Cleaning and sanding the mouse
  2. Primer Layer: Ensures a smooth base and enhances paint adhesion.
  3. Color Layer: Applied in multiple coats for a deep, rich color that stands out.
  4. Clear Coat: Adds a protective layer to resist wear and tear while providing a glossy finish. Sprayed in multiple layers for super shininess!


The mouse is hand-painted, making it unique and adding a personalized touch to the customer’s gaming setup. The deep metallic purple is truly an Epic piece of gear for this World of Warcraft Player.

This Custom Mouse Stands Out

This custom modded Logitech G600 is not just about looks; it's about creating a gaming mouse that perfectly aligns with the customer's needs and preferences. The combination of hot-swappable switches, the unparalleled flexibility of our custom paracord cable, and the stunning, durable paint job makes this mouse a standout in both performance and style.

  • Customization: Easily switch between different types of switches to match the gaming style.
  • Performance: Enjoy smoother, drag-free movement with the lightest paracord cable.
  • Durability: Benefit from a robust, long-lasting finish thanks to the professional-grade paint job.
  • Uniqueness: Own a one-of-a-kind piece of gaming hardware that reflects personal style.

We are thrilled to showcase this custom commissioned Logitech G600 on It exemplifies our commitment to quality, performance, and personalized gaming experiences.

Explore more about our custom modifications and commission your own unique gaming hardware at BANANAS!

We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming expansion World of Warcraft: The War Within with your custom Mouse!

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