Quiet Please

Go stealth mode!

Are all those clicks annoying you or those around you? Time to get quiet with some silent mouse switches. BANANAS! has many different silent switches available so you can still have a custom feeling to your mouse.

One of our recent “Silent Mouse” builds was a Zaopin Z1 Pro.  We upgraded the main and side switches to Huano Silent switches and a silent Huano Encoder as well as a Silent Kailh switch for the main mouse button. With the new switches this mouse just feels amazing, and silent like a ninja!

 Zaopin Z1 Pro Silent Mod

Another recent “Silent Mouse” build was the Keychron Mini M3, which also received its stealthy clicks with the Huano Silent switches as well as a “Hot Swap Mod” with Bananas Gaming Premium Sockets allowing the switches to be easily changed at will.

 Keychron mini M3 Silent Mod

A Razer Basilisk has also entered stealth mode with Huano Silent Switches and a Quiet TTC Encoder.

 Razer Basilisk Silent Mod

Are you looking to go silent and stealthy with your mouse? Bananas Gaming can help! Our professional electronics workshop can give your mouse a partial or complete makeover of Silent switches and encoder. We also have Silent switches and Silent encoders available for the DIYer.




"Quiet" Photo by K.FlourUnsplash

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