Masterclass: Scrollwheel Encoders

Masterclass: Scrollwheel Encoders

Welcome to our scroll wheel encoder master class. Today we are testing out popular Mouse scroll wheel encoders to help you find the best scrollwheel encoder for you.

Our test mouse today is the Logitech G Pro X Superlight with BANANAS! Gaming custom PCB. Being tested today are popular encoders from TTC, Kailh, Huano, and ALPS.

We are looking at several different criteria in our test: Encoder Step feel, Encoder effort, Encoder sound, and anything else worth mentioning. Ratings are based on a scale of 1-5.

All are encoders were tested without lubrication, which would add some smoothness and quietness to the feeling. Our tests/blogs are unbiased and unsponsored!

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Kailh Black

  • Step Definition (feel)         2
  • Scrolling Effort                  2
  • Scrolling Sound                 3
  • Great all-around feeling, dustproof

Kailh Red/Black

  • Step Definition (feel)          2
  • Scrolling Effort                   2
  • Scrolling Sound                 3
  • Great all-around feeling, dustproof

Kailh Red/Gray

  • Step Definition (feel)      3
  • Scrolling Effort               3
  • Scrolling Sound             4
  • Similar to the Red/Black but needing more effort, dustproof

Kailh Gray

  • Step Definition (feel)            2
  • Scrolling Effort                     2
  • Scrolling Sound                   2
  • A standard somewhat generic feeling encoder, dustproof


  • Step Definition (feel)          2
  • Scrolling Effort                   3
  • Scrolling Sound                 4
  • Similar to Kailh Red but noticeably loude

TTC Teal

  • Step Definition (feel)           2
  • Scrolling Effort                    3
  • Scrolling Sound                  3
  • Like the TTC Red but quieter

TTC Gold

  • Step Definition (feel)         3
  • Scrolling Effort                  3
  • Scrolling Sound                4
  • All around gaming encoder used in many many mice. Available with or without a dustproof cover

TTC Silver

  • Step Definition (feel)       3
  • Scrolling Effort                4
  • Scrolling Sound              5
  • Similar to the Gold but requires more effort and slightly louder

Huano Encoder

  • Step Definition (feel)        1
  • Scrolling Effort                 1
  • Scrolling Sound               1
  • Silky smooth, quiet, light step feeling

ALPS Encoder

  • Step Definition (feel)          4
  • Scrolling Effort                   4
  • Scrolling Sound                 4
  • Defined and tactile steps, loud yet satisfying.