Bananas Mouse Repair and Mod Service

Bananas Mouse Repair and Mod Service

In the dynamic realm of gaming, precision and dependability reign supreme. As avid gamers, we demand nothing but excellence from our equipment. This principle extends to our trusty companion – the gaming mouse. However, even the most cutting-edge gaming mice are not impervious to the wear and tear induced by hours of intensive gameplay. This is where we step in, providing an all-encompassing repair and mod service that not only maintains your equipment's peak performance but also contributes to a greener planet by curbing electronic waste.

Why Opt for Mouse Repair? It's an Eco-Friendly Choice: Beyond delving into the technical intricacies, let's take a moment to consider the larger picture. Revitalizing and upkeeping your gaming mouse isn't solely about enhancing your gaming exploits; it's also an act of environmental consciousness. Our world grapples with the mounting predicament of electronic waste, and with each discarded malfunctioning device, we exacerbate this predicament. Opting to repair your gaming mouse, instead of discarding it, entails a modest yet impactful step towards e-waste reduction. Moreover, you retain your cherished gaming ally's optimum functionality. It's a dual triumph!

Ewaste Landfill

At Bananas, we grasp the distinct connection between gamers and their mice. Your gaming mouse is more than a mere tool; it's an extension of your gaming prowess. When indications of wear and tear arise, the prospect of parting with it is unappealing. This is precisely where our expertise comes into play – to keep you firmly entrenched in the gaming realm.

Expert Mouse Repairs:

  1. Button Replacements: Over time, mouse buttons can lose their tactile response or succumb to erratic double-clicks. Our adept technicians can seamlessly replace these buttons, restoring your mouse's crisp responsiveness.
  2. Scroll Wheel Fixes: Should your scroll wheel falter or cease to function, rest assured. We're adept at replacing it, restoring its seamless and precise scrolling functionality.
  3. Custom USB Cables: Tangled or damaged USB cables no more! Our tailored USB cables guarantee reliable and hassle-free connections, crafted to your exact specifications.
  4. Thorough Cleaning: Our meticulous cleaning eliminates accumulated dirt and debris within your mouse, ensuring enduring performance.

G305 Hotswap

Elevate Your Experience with Mouse Mods:

  1. Unleash Customization: We proffer versatile customization options for nearly every facet of your gaming mouse. From distinct switch and encoder sensations to our signature paracord cables renowned for their flexibility and lightness, your preferences guide the way.
  2. Hot Swap Mod: Bid farewell to soldering nightmares! Our pioneering Hot Swap mod integrates switch sockets, enabling seamless future changes. A game-changer for enthusiasts experimenting with different switch types – and the best part? Hot Swap capability can be added to almost any mouse.
  3. Realize Custom Visions: Accommodating your unique desires, whether it's weight reduction, material refinement, custom batteries, or bespoke PCBs.

Our Workshop and Expertise: A fully-equipped electronic workshop and engineering lab underpin every successful repair and mod. Our adept team is resolute in promptly and professionally restoring your equipment to peak functionality. We've encountered it all – the idiosyncrasies, glitches, and distinctive challenges posed by diverse gaming mice. Rest assured, your mouse is in capable hands. We've repaired and modded numerous mice, including those from Finalmouse, Razer, Logitech, Steelseries, Pulsar, Lamzu, Zowie, Endgame Gear, Glorious, Xtrfy, Pwnage, Roccat, and more.

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Your gaming mouse warrants optimal care, just as the environment merits consideration. With our repair and mod service, you achieve both. Whether your mouse necessitates minor adjustments, a complete overhaul, or personalized enhancements, we're here for you. Uphold your gaming prowess, curtail electronic waste, and heighten your gaming journey with our adept mouse repair and mod service. It's a triumphant trifecta – step into the gaming arena today!

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