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Hot Swap Mod Service

Hot Swap Mod Service

Upgrade your mouse experience with our cutting-edge Hot Swap Mod Service. Our Hot Swap sockets redefine convenience by enabling effortless switching of mouse switches. Equipped with premium sockets and your preferred switches, customization has never been simpler.

• Effortless Switching: Our top-tier Hot Swap sockets allow you to change mouse switches with ease. No soldering necessary!

• Technical Precision: Utilizing high-quality materials, our premium sockets keep the switches secure and stable.

• Personalized Performance: Choose your preferred switches to tailor your mouse's functionality to your exact needs.

Transform your gaming setup today with our Hot Swap Mod Service and unlock a new level of technical customization that enhances your gaming performance.

Available for most mice, please contact us for a custom order.

Note -Optical switches are not interchangeable or replaceable by mechanical switches.

Check our FAQ's for more information.

Note - Mice in the pictures are for example, and not included in this offer.

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