Logitech G502 Lightspeed PCB Replacement Guide

Logitech G502 Lightspeed PCB Replacement Guide

For this job you will need:

  • a small screw driver
  • small plastic prying tool
  • Bananas! Gaming G502 Lightspeed PCB with Hot Swap Mod

Step 1

Remove Mouse Feet

G502 Lightspeed   G502 Lightspeed Feet Removed

Step 2

Remove 4 Screws

G502 Lightspeed Screws

Step 3

Pry carefully along edges to release tabs. Use care and patience!

G502 Pry Open

Step 4

G502 Open

Lift tabs to disconnect Ribbon cables. Disconnect Battery Cable.

G502 Ribbon Cable Tabs

Step 5

Remove 3 Screws for "G" Cover (the one on the right is somewhat hidden), remove cover.

G502 Cover

Step 6

Remove 1 Screw and Remove LED chute

G502 LED

Step 7

Remove 4 Screws for Main Buttons, Remove Main Buttons.

G502 Main Button Removal

Step 8

Remove 4 Screws from inner frame

G502 innerframe screws 4

Remove 2 Screws from inner frame

G502 inner frame screws 2

Step 9

Remove inner assembly

G502 inner assembly

Step 10

Remove 2 screws on hump, gently pry up and remove hump.

G502 hump

Step 11

 Turn over and remove 1 screw for wheel assembly.

G502 Wheel assembly screw

Step 12

Slide out Pin to the left.

G502 hump pin

Step 13

Remove wheel assembly, careful of the 2 springs at the top.

G502 wheel assembly removed

Step 14

Remove 2 screws for Pin Holder.

G502 Pin holder

Remove 5 Screws for PCB.

G502 inner PCB screws

Step 15

Remove PCB

G502 inner PCB Removed

Step 16

Installation of the Bananas! Gaming Hot Swap PCB is the reverse of removal.


  • Be gentle and patient with disassembly/ assembly
  • Use this opportunity to clean any dust & dirt from the inside of your mouse. A small soft brush works great.
  • Take care not to overtighten the screws, light and easy does it.




(We assume no liability for possibly damaged mice)



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